Large Salad or Serving Bowl - Serves side salad for 6-8 people or 2 verrrrrry hungry people. When we have dinner at Jason Michael Thomas's farm to table events in downtown Indianapolis we always go out into the yard to pick greens for the obligatory farm to table Big Ass Yard Salad and this bowl holds enough for the entire crew. It's also terrific for fruit, pasta, and a slew of other dishes to be served family style or just fill it with a few pounds of fruit as a lovely centerpiece. Made using regional tan clay by hand on the potter's wheel in Indianapolis, Indiana. Each bowl varies slightly due to the handmade nature. Those variations are to be celebrated as part of the slow making movement as they show evidence of the makers involved in the process. Measures approximately 9” diameter x 4” high. Weight 3 pounds.
Made in United States of America

Salad Serving Bowl